Grading papers and exams on your iPad or iPhone

I have been thinking of a useful and easy-to-use tool to share with colleagues, and i remembered that i once needed to grade exam papers à distance” and found something very helpful by looking online.

A while ago, some of my students sat for a make-up exam while i was away for a conference. The grades were due before my return so i had to correct the exams à distance”.  The exams were scanned into PDF documents and shared with me through Google Drive. I had to grade and send them back  in electronic format also, to give students feedback about their work. I obviously didn’t want to print and re-scan all the exams once done, some were quite lengthy. So i started grading them by inserting comments and adding text boxes into the PDF files though the “Annotate”option.

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 18.19.59.png

I quickly realized that this would take forever and it wouldn’t allow me to write/draw certain things i needed to convey to the students. In fact, I just wanted to “manually write” on those files. So i looked for a tool that would make my task easier and more Eco-friendly. PDF Reader seemed to be a good solution, among many other similar such applications, which i could download on my iPad for free. All i needed was my PDF exam files and a stylus and my iPad, and i was good to go.

I downloaded the files and imported them into my PDF Reader application, then i graded them using the stylus, adding annotations and comments, as i would if i was grading the actual hard-copy exams using a regular pen!

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 18.18.40.png

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 18.20.36.png

This discovery allowed me to finish my grading and send back the files in very short time, it was piece of cake! Ever since, i have been using to grade project reports that students submit online for example. I think such tools (similar tools are suggested here: are very practical and easy to use to provide feedback on any type of assignment that is electronically submitted by the students. 


Taking student attendance and grades with MyAT

There are many simple ways of tracking student attendance or marking down grades. Why should you trouble yourself with learning a new tool?

There are several advantages of an online service over traditional methods. First, there is no longer a need to manage files and spreadsheets. An online service is also assured to persist and backup your information so there is no longer any fear of losing it.  Sophisticated services can also offer additional tools, such as graphs, periodical reports and alerts.

After failing to remember to write down attendance for several consecutive classes, I have decided to search for a tool which makes it easier. After a quick search in Google, I arrived to  MyAT.

MyAT is a simple tool for taking attendance and for grading. After registering for the service, new classes can be created. For creating a class, one can mark the days of the week the class is taking place as well as the names of the participating students.


When opening the service after a class, one can access the classes dashboard.


Using this menu, absence or tardiness can be tracked. More options are available in the Settings menu.

This tool can also help tracking the grades of quizzes and examinations.


NyAT also provides several different ways to access the gathered data. Beyond checking the directly, different reports can be generated.



The welcome screen also contain a graph of the monthly absences.


It can also be used in order to generate blank attendance sheets to be used in class.

The tool is based on the “Pay What You Think Is Fair” Pricing model.