Under the auspices of the office of Assessment, Learning, and Institutional Research, and the Teaching and Learning Centre, this blog aims at supporting faculty and students in their exploration of the use of technology for teaching, learning, and assessment.

Professors looking for using new technologies in and out of their classroom face several obstacles. First, the sheer number of tools make it very hard to decide from. Second, some tools are not trivial to use and require some experience or technical knowledge. Lastly, it is many times not clear, from the point of view of the professor and for those tools requiring the collaboration of students, if the tool will indeed help the workflow of the class.

Many professors are already successfully using technologies in the classroom. Others are interested in certain technologies but do not have the time to search for the right tool. We hope that this collaborative blog will be a place for the former to share their experiences with the latter. In addition, since new technologies and tools are created all the time, we would like to be able to present and evaluate here new technologies which might be of use to the entire community of the American University of Paris.

Future posts will include class stories, tutorials, students feedback, instructors reviews, screen shots, demos and any other material which can make the tools we use more accessible to the whole community.

We hope that students will find this informal space comfortable enough to state their preferences and suggest new tools and technologies.

This blog is open to all instructors and students in the university and will be moderated by the CSMES department. Please feel free to contact us with any question or request.

Tomer and the rest of the CSMES department